Why Aren’t There More Women Poker Stars?

Viewing the WSOP on ESPN each year, the series produces a significant deal concerning the couple staying women inside the occasion. Maybe a couple of women produce a deep run, but a lady has never been at a principal event, final dining table as Barbara Enright in 2005.


Here are my thoughts:

Inch. Just before poker became so popular on TV, the match was played with guys. Thus guys have a border BandarQ.

But. . .Women can put on a great deal of knowledge by playing with online and live activities now, and a few have busted to gain some big functions. Annie Duke, Jen Harmon and also Kathy Liebert are high players and probably bring different women to this match.

2. Poker tournaments are a game. There could be a 90%/10% split in between men/women entrants.

You’ll find many more guys, that it stands to reason that males will soon win longer activities. Today, when I observed the WSOP that the announcers have been contacting virtually every player a guru. Idon’t have a clue exactly what constitutes a pro any more. I figure it truly is a person who says they play a great deal of poker and also don’t have a full time job.

3. Poker tournaments can be won with most competitive gamers. Men may be much more aggressive with nature. But the simple fact is that males tend to be somewhat more competitive compared to girls probably because of our environment.

4. Women-only tournaments could be retaining the females poker people right back again. The match is not about physiological abilities –we aren’t comparing the NBA to the WNBA. The match is all about folks, chips, betting patterns, cards, and etc.. To improve your poker game you will need to play players that are better compared to you personally, not just players players who’re equally as good or worse compared to you.

Women Players Should Win More Events

My encounter against ladies poker players is that the majority of women perform ABC pokergame. They learn how to play a tight competitive or restricted inactive game–either of which can be quite simple to use in the lengthy run in a championship tournament.

However, I find that if I play against a fantastic girls poker player it is much harder for me to find yourself a tell. It could possibly be that I assume that girls bluff less, are somewhat more predictable and therefore, I really don’t pay much attention to your own match. My guess is that the majority of guys do exactly the same as it regards girls.

In fact, I know that males try challenging to muscular men out of pots with their increases. (The single real exception is in money online games where guys are suckers to women that are eyecandy, as well as a man wont make that excess raise or else may only explain to her she is overcome to save money. I must confess, I’ve done this once or two…)

Overall, I feel the upcoming great championship poker participant should be an excellent woman. It’s also why I feel with merely a tiny training I really could even turn into a lady poker player in to a wonderful player.

Perhaps the next fantastic poker TV series should really be one at which you acquire a dozen aspiring women poker players, plus they have instructed how to engage in at the greatest levels. Possibly you lock them in a property for 30 days, and also an audience gets to vote off them by one.


If you’re a women poker player, consider the game by the perspective of players that are winning. Assess your match more. Take away from your comfort zone. Now you experience an edge against many adult men who blow off the abilities. Guys will try to force one to fold. Men will additionally believe your pre-flop increases and enormous bets. Use that knowledge to your benefit.

What should you think?

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