An Insider’s Sports Betting Tip

I have an interesting tidbit to pass along that I picked on my latest trip to Curacao, among the capitals of this offshore sports betting world. If you’ve been betting NFL this past year you’ve noticed how different the lines games are in 1 sportsbook into this next. On one game it’s possible to see ateam recorded as a favorite of minus 1 all the way through to minus 2.5. I talked to a few of the lines guys that still works at one of the most bizarre outfits in the world. I am talking about a spot that takes $50,000 to $100,000 or even more onsides and will not bat an eyecatching. He said it all comes down to teasers. For the most part books it’s possible to find yourself a 2-team, 6 point teaser for -110, so there’s no extra juice involved.

A couple of years back there is a set clean-up on those bets. Why? Because they would simply  dominobet bet teasers that entailed going right through the critical numbers of 3 and 7. These two numbers will be the most usual fall-on numbers in NFL; move than 17 percent of games fall on both of these amounts. So some of these sharper books (maybe not all have taken up this sports betting system ) have prevented using pointspreads at which 6 point teasers can take you through both key amounts. Let me explain that a bit further. You may find a way to land ON the number to get a push in that particular game (and so the match may land on 7 or 3 as a spot differential), BUT in most cases for 2-team teasers a tie and a triumph equals a loss. Therefore as an example at one publication, should they proceed off -3 they don’t head to -2.5 or -2. They go straight to -1 with some juice. That way you’ll be able to tease the’dog up to +7 but not during it. It is possible to tell if you should be dealing with a sharp book if they have lines of two or 2.5 in NFL games. You can have a look at more of my search at my website. Best Wishes,

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